Dates for Outdoorsy Couples

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Sure, restaurants, movies, and museums are great spots for dates. However, the outdoors add that little something extra that can take your date from good to great!

Top Date for Couples that Love the Outdoors

1. Hot Air Balloons

Want to feel like you’re in a fantasy land with your boo? Check out hot air balloon locations near you! Watch from the side for an awesome backdrop to your conversation or maybe even catch a ride yourself.

2. Stargazing

Looking for a more adventurous nighttime date than your usual dinner and a movie? Pack a bottle of wine and lay out a blanket under the stars for a night of stargazing. Bonus points if it’s a bit chilly and you have to snuggle up to stay warm!

3. Try Glamping

Want to try camping with your S/O but the thought of bugs and campfire food have you turned off? Glamping is perfect for you! This date offers all of the comforts of home with the romantic adventure of sleeping outdoors.

4. Have a Picnic

Pack your basket (or reusable grocery bag) with homemade bites (or purchase some from the deli), grab a blanket, and head to your nearest park or beach! Bring a card game to play after you eat to help keep the conversation flowing.

5. Go for a Hike

Visit a place you have hiked before or explore somewhere new with your significant other! Better yet, pair this with the picnic date idea for a dayfull of memories together.  

6. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Maybe there is a local concert taking place near you! Check the Official App to see if there are any interesting events taking place near you.

7. Have a Bonfire

Nothing is more romantic than the flickering light of a fire. This date is best in autumn. Prepare some questions for conversation and don’t forget to bring supplies to make s’mores!

8. Grill Out

Veggie kabobs and burgers for the win! Find out who the grill master is in your relationship. You can keep this date casual with hot dogs, or turn things up a notch with steak.

9. Play a Round of Mini Golf

Are either of you in the relationship competitive? Mini golf is a perfect way to have tons of fun while engaging in friendly competition. The loser has to buy the ice cream afterwards!

10. Hit the Tennis Courts

No, you don’t need to be good at tennis for this one. Hitting balls at each other from across the court is a fabulous way to release any built up tension. See who can best replicate a pro tennis player’s grunt.

Enjoy the outdoors while enjoying your time with each other. Do you have other great date ideas for the outdoors? Share with us on the Official App!

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