10 of the Best Virtual Dates

August 10, 2021

Life as we know it changed when the global pandemic hit. Of course, dating was no exception to this tragedy-- but don't let this get you down. Official has the best ten virtual date ideas to keep your love life strong while everyone stays healthy.

1. Netflix (Party) and Chill

We all love the classic Netflix and Chill with a romantic partner. I bet you think all that has died because of COVID-19 and social distancing…

Well, thanks to Netflix, there's a way you can get your chill on and be safe.

Netflix has a new add-on called Netflix Party. This allows you to sync video viewing while live chatting with your date. How socially distant and cool is that?

2. Born to be Wild

Going to the zoo has always been a great date idea, but with the shutdown due to the coronavirus, going to the zoo has become a distant memory… or has it?

There are three amazing virtual zoo date ideas I want to tell you about. First, hop over to the San Diego Zoo (online) to watch some of their animals on camera.

From polar bears, to pandas, to penguins and more, you'll have plenty of fun watching these animals in the comfort of your home.

Head over to YouTube to watch the exciting zoo tours. You'll think you're part of the safari as you take a trip through Africa, watching the animals in their natural habitat.

Lastly, check out the wildlife cam presented by Condè Nast Traveler. There, you'll be able to watch the wonderful Bald Eagles nest, spy on the gorillas of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and other wonderful animals while practicing social distancing… Let's get wild, mate!

3. Drink Night

That's right. Take it back to a simpler time. Relax with your date and grab a drink.

This time, make it virtual. Set up that Zoom call. Hold up your glass as your date holds theirs. Say a little toast, make the ding sound with your voice and sip as you play soft music in the background…

Oh, yeah. You're in the mood now, aren't ya?

4. Virtual Bake-off

Let's keep it going with the virtual drink night. After that oh, so relaxing drink, spice it up with a good old-fashioned bake-off… virtual style!

This is a great way to make the best virtual date night better.

Agree on what to bake, either the same thing or something different. Set ground rules on the fun competition and let the cooking begin!

This will bring you and your date excitement and a delicious treat (yummy!).

5. Let's Go For A Walk

Like the title says, go for a relaxing walk… virtually with your date.

As you walk, you can flip the camera around on your phone to show your date the scenic views. They can do the same to make this virtual date feel more real.

6. Virtual Game Night

What's a classic date night idea that never fails? Game night, of course!

When it comes to social distancing, there are plenty of online games you can play with your date as you're both at your own homes.

But online games aren't the only games you can play for your virtual game date night. You can get on Zoom together and play Pictionary, truth or dare, or even make it a trivia night.

7. Virtual Workout

A workout with your date is always a fun idea, if you and your date are physically active individuals.

You both can come up with a workout plan, get on Zoom and perform a healthful virtual workout all while not having to worry about being a sweaty mess next to your date.

8. TikTok

This is an especially good virtual date idea if you're a young couple looking to have a fun date.

You can discover the newest TikTok dance craze and while you and your date are both on Zoom, you can practice and learn the dance all while having a socially distant fun time.

9. Photo Album

Picture this: you're sitting on the couch, snuggled up with your date while you flip through the old photo album…

Okay, first “who keeps a photo album anymore?” Second, “there's a global pandemic going on!”

Okay, I hear you. I can solve your problem by telling you to host your own virtual photo album session.

You can pull up some of your favorite photos on your phone and share them to your date through your computer's camera.

You and your date can take turns showing the photos while sharing a sweet story to go along with it. Who wouldn't love this virtual date idea?

10. Let's Get Censored

Okay, we've saved the best and most obvious virtual date idea for last… sexting.

If you want to admit it or not, couples when not around each other, love to do a little sexting.

If your date wants to sext, but you feel a little shy, then check out these expert sexting tips.

With these fun and engaging ideas, even long-distance couples can benefit from frequent date night. Love knows no bounds and with technology on your side, long-distance relationships can thrive.

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