Stop With the Dating Apps

Sarah Buckingham
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The Issue

Swipe left, swipe right, left, right… Dating apps have taken our generation by storm and completely changed the way relationships are formed. These apps can be a fun way to pass time but the connections that are formed often fail to last longer than one night.

With dating apps, it is easy to meet someone. However, after that first step, maintaining a romantic relationship requires quite a bit of effort. Between busy work schedules and social calendars, couples can struggle to find time to connect on an emotionally intimate level. The second you accidentally leave them on read, your partner is bound to feel forgotten. And when you can’t come up with a fun way to make your Saturday date night special- our generation has turned to “ghosting” as an easy way out. Unfortunately, relationships have been deemed complicated and just too much work.

The Solution

To support the many individuals seeking romance and meaningful connection in their lives, an app designed to take the strain away from maintaining a couple’s relationship is necessary.

Official is the recently launched relationship management app that intends to fill this need. Official provides users with an easy-to-use platform to keep them connected with their partner, while also offering tips and tricks to keep their relationship fresh and flirty.

With its calendar feature, users will never have to worry about forgetting an anniversary and having to buy a last-minute card and chocolates from the drug store.

Even better, when you and your partner try out new restaurants and experiences, you can unlock exclusive rewards for future date nights. Official is here to help your relationship grow stronger through using these unique features and more!

Dating apps have modernized the way people meet, but Official may be the missing piece of the puzzle that our generation has been searching for: a modern way to maintain relationships.

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