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Built for the generation that grew up mobile-first, and knew how to use a phone before they could write a love note.

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Your partner's feelings don’t need to be a mystery. Easily let your partner know how you're feeling with daily mood check-ins that encourage you both to be more open with each other.

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This is so much fun to use with each other. I love that we can have our own little space on our phones with the Official App. I seriously don’t know what we did before we started using it regularly.

Remi & Noah

Official User


The emotional check-in feature opened up our communication. We knew what type of partner we were coming home to, and we could tailor our empathy or spice up the night depending!

Sarah & Seth

Official User

We never stress about what to do for our next date. We love having a list of dates that we both want to do.

Jenna & Gus

Official User


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