10 Exciting Games to Spice Up Your Relationship

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It’s the blog you’ve been scouring the internet for. You’ve made it. You’re here. Whether you’re at home and reading this out loud to your partner or hiding your phone screen as you jostle around public transport, Official has your dream come true list of the BEST ten sex games to spice up your relationship. 

Let’s start at “START.” There are many sex games out there. “I dare you” books, sex board games, and fetish cards stock shelves around the world. Valid go-to's in their own right, there’s also an untapped “hotbed” of low-budget sex games living right under your nose at home. To make you aware of them, we’ve crafted a list of our favorite ten at-home sex games to play. Here are the Top 10 Exciting Sex Games to Spice Up Your Relationship: 

As always, remember that communication and consent are essential to any sexual activity. Speak to one another about personal and sexual boundaries so both partners are comfortable and enthusiastic about playing the games you choose to play. 

1. Make a Fantasy Jar 

Here’s our vision for it. Ribbon cut a standard 8.5x11. Take those ribbons and cut them into fortune cookie-sized slips. Sit across from your partner with a writing instrument of your choice and write down your individual fantasies on the paper slips. Fold these up and throw them in the jar. Take turns picking out fantasies to participate in together. 

Official Tip: Make the jar last! Don’t burn through fantasies. Add new fantasies to the jar as they come. 

2. Temperature Play

Temperature play = billed as described. This play uses temperature to amplify sensation and increase sexual arousal. Temperature can go up and down, with different objects used to incite different sensations. Warmed massage oils, heating pads, and hot stones are popular. Common cold options include water or ice, a frozen spoon, whipped cream, cooled lube, and sex toys. 

Couples who enjoy this type of play and want to take it to the next level can add blindfolds to enhance the sensory mystery experience. 

Tip: keep your movements light and teasing. Remember to play responsibly and keep safety a top priority.

3. Sexy Jenga

You've likely encountered the universal truth that a pen adds a whole new dimension to your Jenga play. “Sexy Jenga” is a DIY version of written Jenga rules. In these versions, the pulling player must adhere to the instructions written on the block they remove. 

4. Have a Tearaway Day

Indulging your primal instincts is an alluring experience. Thus, have a tearaway day. Snatch some rinky-dink clothing from around the house—or a local thrift store—and dabble in the heat of impulse. Destroy each other’s clothes. Rip and tear. Kudos to the partner who gets theirs the fleshiest first. 

5. Position Challenge

Something tells us you’re no stranger to social media challenges. The Position Challenge is simple: try as many different sex positions as possible in one session. When you set a new record, see if you can top it. 

Need inspiration? Official Premium’s “Random Sex Position” generator allows subscribers to generate random positions from their partner Intimacy Card matches or our database of >480 positions. Shake your phone to receive a description of the position, an illustration, difficulty rating, and pleasure-related specifics. 

6. XXX Marks the Spot

Argh! Find the blindfold, pirate. You’re going on a booty hunt. 

In this game, one partner is blindfolded, and the other marks an “X” on their body. The blindfolded partner kisses the other’s body until they find the marked spot. Partners can switch roles at this point, though we doubt most get to that. 

7. Host a House Party 

No one is allowed to orgasm until you’ve had sex in every room in the house. That’s it. That’s the game.

8. Everything But Sex 

Known in other parts of the internet as the “Anything But Challenge,” there’s a single rule: no penetration is allowed. Participants focus on foreplay, building anticipation throughout the session without it leading to intercourse. 

This game is an opportunity to focus on providing direct pleasure to the person you’re with.

9. Pick a Card

The probabilities are such that you have a deck of cards at home or, at the very least, the vacation rental you're staying in while reading this does. 

Assign an action to a suit and determine whether the number on the card represents the time associated with the activity or the number of times an activity is done. 

Here’s an example based on the following ruleset: 

  • Hearts – kisses
  • Diamonds – feel anywhere
  • Clubs – sensual massage
  • Spade – oral is allowed

Picking a four of hearts would signal four kisses or kissing for four seconds. Pulling the ten of diamonds would result in the player being able to feel their partner anywhere for ten seconds.

10. Official’s “Sexy Dice”  

We can talk about this for DAYS. Official’s “Sexy Dice” brings the sexy to your pocket, giving you a mobile gateway to something wink, wink whenever you desire it. 

Housed under “Spicy” in the “Sweet & Spicy” feature set, “Sexy Dice” allows the user to select any combination of “action,” “body part,” “location,” and “duration.” Shake your phone to get the generated command. You're welcome :’)

Introducing Games to the Bedroom

Play is meant to be fun! Before having the conversation for the first time, create a safe space for it, and be open to your partner not being on the same page. 

The Official app is specifically built to help couples stay together and have more fun in their relationship. By incorporating different aspects of social media, communication, and fun, Official brings you the next generation of a relationship app, allowing you to gamify aspects of your relationship while growing closer to your significant other. 

You can download the Official app here.

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