8 Outdoor Date Ideas for Couples

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The sun is peeking, the Northern Hemisphere is warming, and Vitamin D is flowing. To celebrate the annual turning from cold to warm, we’ve compiled a list of the top eight dates for couples craving an outdoor experience to explore. 

Now let us be upfront, we’re well aware that a “love” for the outdoors exists on a spectrum: from not at all to a few drinks in the sun, to playing yard games but skipping the beach, to wearing paracord survival bracelets while out to dinner in New York City. Whatever your spectrum points are, we’re confident we have something listed for you and yours that can take your outdoor date from good to great! 

1. Play a Round of Mini Golf

Few dates offer the opportunity to enjoy concession snacks and kitschy hole decor while satiating your competitive spirit and thirst for bragging rights. Plan this date on a day of the week when there isn’t much going on or set up a fun group date. "Always remember that you are just 18 holes away from becoming a champion," the Official team.

2. Stargazing/Dark Park

Have you been searching for a more adventurous nighttime date than your usual dinner and a movie? Then pack a bottle of wine and lay a blanket under the stars for a night of stargazing. 

If light pollution is a factor in your area, we recommend searching for the nearest dark park and making a trip out of it! 

3. Have a Picnic

This one’s like stargazing but under the sun. 

Pack your choice receptacle with homemade bites or purchase some from the deli, grab the stargazing blanket, and head to your nearest park or beach. Bring games, crafts, or reading materials for an extended time outdoors!

4. Go on a Hike

Being in nature en route to a beautiful view is likely on everyone’s list. You can visit a place you have hiked before, or explore somewhere new with your significant other. Better yet, pair this with a picnic date for a day full of memories together.

5. Attend an Outdoor Concert

Who said it has to be a big name? You can find out who’s playing by checking concert line-ups, seeing who’s performing around your neighborhood, searching your favorite venues, or finding community celebrations. Find a sound you love or take a shot in the dark and explore something new. Either way, it’s a perfect means to get out into the community. 

6. Have a Bonfire

A bonfire is the perfect toast to a good, sunny day. Be sure to first check your local laws if a bonfire is permissible in your area, then find some wood, stack it up, and give it a light. Invite friends to hang out or reminisce on the day one-on-one. We promise this one’ll leave you feeling warm inside and out. 

7. Grill It Out

Find out who the grill master in your relationship is! You can keep this date casual with hot dogs or turn things up a notch with steaks and not-so-casual accoutrements; try some purple daikon or make a peppercorn sauce at home. 

For those who opt out of the meat game, slice up some cauliflower steaks and go head-to-head with naysayers. They’re light-fingered on the seasoning and don’t even know it. 

8. Hit the Tennis Courts

Nope! You don’t need to be good at tennis for this one. Hitting balls at each other from across the court is a fabulous way to release tension and break a sweat. Courts are usually located in public parks and can be dropped in on. See who can best replicate a pro tennis player’s grunt. Challenge another couple to a doubles match!

Find More Ways to Connect Outdoors

Connecting outdoors doesn’t necessarily mean high-tailing it to the nearest mountain range or “roughing it” on a pack-in trip. It’s ditching the roof, getting sun, and smiling because you’re outside. 

Make a plan, schedule a day to get out there, and let your partner know how excited you are through the Official app. Use features like “Set Mood,” “Add Notes,” and “Memories” to enhance the experience and add any outdoor adventuring you do to your “Couple Statistics.”

Have fun out there!

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