10 Shows for Couples to Binge-Watch Together

Amber Johnson
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Imagine this: It’s date night, and you’ve both decided to have a relaxing night together. You’re sitting in front of the TV, ready to watch a show and relax, but you’re stuck scrolling. You have taste in one thing, and your partner has taste in another. It’s okay; I’m here to help! Here are a few TV recommendations for the perfect show to watch on a “Netflix and chill” type of night.

10 Best Shows to Binge Watch Together

1. The Circle

The Circle is a charming show to watch for date night. This show is super lighthearted with a competitive edge to it. The players can choose to either be themselves or catfish their way to $100,000. This would be a great TV show to watch because you both can discuss or even bet on who you feel is going home. They even have international options such as The Circle: France and The Circle: Brazil.

2. Love is Blind

This TV show is a cute dating show that will keep you and your partner interested. The premise of the show is to basically get to know someone for who they are and not based on what they look like. It might sound like a basic dating show, but I promise this one will be addicting.

3. Black Mirror

This is definitely a personal favorite of mine. Black Mirror is a show where every episode stands alone. You can read the description and choose any episode to start from. This would be a great show to watch if you or your partner likes drama. This show is another addicting series that will have you captivated from beginning to end.

4. Bridgerton

Yes, thee Bridgerton. The show that had all social media platforms raving and hyping. This show would be perfect to binge together. It has the perfect amount of drama and romance to keep you tuned in. I would personally save this show for when you really want to have a romantic night with your partner.

5. You

This is another personal favorite of mine. If you love shows with twists and turns and a little comedy relief, then this is your show. You is a psychological thriller series based on the book series written by Caroline Kepnes. The main question being asked in this series is, how far will you go for love? If you watch this show you will get your definite answer.

6. The Office

Need I say more. This will forever be considered an old faithful, no matter the household. This TV show will leave you smiling for days and laughing for weeks. I consider this show to be just a great comfort show for you and your partner.

7. Hell’s Kitchen

If both of you are a huge fan of cooking, then this would be a great show to watch. This show will give you great dinner ideas and a great laugh at the iconic behavior of Gordan Ramsey.

8. The Crown

Calling all historians! This show would be a great show for couples that love history. The Crown is a series that documents the life of Queen Elizabeth. You will get a chance to see all the behind-the-scenes drama and historical moments the royal family has faced over the decades.  

9. Gordon Ramsey: Uncharted

Traveling the world via Gordan Ramsey sounds like an amazing evening, especially if you or your partner likes to travel. Gordon Ramsey steps out from the kitchen and into the world to showcase different cultures such as Morocco and Mekong. Even though the main focus of the show is the food, you will get a chance to see the scenery and the locals. This might spark ideas for some baecations later.

10. Schitt’s Creek

A great show to laugh away the crazy day you and your partner had. Schitt’s Creek is about a family who was once at the top but falls to the bottom due to being duped by their business manager. The family has  to move to a town that was bought as a joke called “Schitt’s Creek.” If you're looking for a true comedy, kick your feet up, turn this on, and get ready to laugh.

All of these shows would be a good pick for date night, it just depends on what you’re in the mood for.  I know it can be hard to find shows, especially if you and your partner have opposite tastes, but I found that the shows I underestimated or pre-judged end up surprising me the most. I say all of that, to say this: step out and discover new shows together. You never know; it might become your new favorite show.

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