A Glow-up is Coming to Official

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Hey Official couples đź‘‹

You might have noticed an uptick in activity, and it’s not by coincidence. 

The Official team has worked—and is working—hard to deliver an enhanced product that more closely aligns with the values of our couples. The ultimate goal is to take the “relationship app” experience to a new level and into the next generation. 

What’s changing?

As we work to realize this incredible and exciting change, certain features will be leaving the app. You can expect the following features to be decommissioned on April 2nd:

- The bottom navigation bar will be removed. Features include the “Date Swiper,” “Bookmarks,” and “Search.”

- “Plan a Date” will be removed.

- The ability to post dates to the public feed will be removed.

You will still have access to any posted dates and can add new dates privately in the Memories section. 

If you would like to receive a copy of your “Bookmarks” data, please email us at support@getofficial.co by April 30th.

Why are we making this change?

The choice to remove these features was made through careful analysis and dialogue with Official couples. Thank you to all of you who participated in providing your feedback to us. 

While we can’t yet share what we have coming, we can tell you that Official is undergoing a glow-up.  Stick with us as we work to level up your experience.

If you want to provide feedback about these upcoming changes, please complete this 2-minute survey to share your feelings.

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