Meaningful Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Partner

Titan Frey
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Whether it’s your one-year anniversary or your twentieth anniversary, you want your gifts to be meaningful.

Stick around with me here, and I’ll give you some of the most meaningful anniversary gift ideas you could ever think of.

Let's Go For A Stroll

Let's start this off with not an actual gift, but something meaningful you and your loved one could do together. Have the babysitter watch the kids, take your loved one's hand, and go out for a romantic walk around town.

Enjoy the sunset as you take a little time together and enjoy your anniversary, the simple way.

Dear Diary

One of the simplest and best gifts that you could give your partner is the Q&A Couples Journal.

This journal is set up to create a time capsule for couples for the next three years. I bet you’re wondering “how this works? How could this be meaningful?” No worries, I’ll explain here. The Q&A Couples Journal provides a question for every day of the year, for, you guessed it, three years. This is a romantic and meaningful way to keep your thoughts together and maybe even spice up your relationship.

Don’t miss out on this meaningful anniversary gift.

Paint Something Meaningful

Have you ever seen a beautiful painting of a family and said, “wow, that’s beautiful.” Now, have you ever thought about getting a portrait of you and your partner painted?If your answer is yes, then stick around for this meaningful anniversary gift idea… click here to learn more. Paint Your Life has a wonderful gift idea. They will turn any digital photo you may have (we know you have a lot) into an old-fashioned painting… how cool is that?

You could turn a photo of you and your loved one, maybe the first photo you ever took together, into one of the most meaningful anniversary gifts of all time.

Personalize It In Longhand

In today’s society, we text, Tweet, Facebook message… These are only a few examples of how we communicate electronically. If you want to do something that’s special and meaningful, why don’t you give your loved one something handwritten? But I’m not just talking about opening the drawer, finding that old notebook and writing out a cute note, and giving it to your loved one.

I’m saying you do this, but then you also send this notebook to Uncommon Goods and get their Personalized Handwritten Anniversary Love Letter Blanket. They will take your personalized love letter and put it on a blanket, made from 100% cotton.

Every night your loved one can read your meaningful message as they snuggle up under the Personalized Handwritten Anniversary Love Letter Blanket.

Click here to buy it now, and if you do, you’ll receive a $5 credit.

Bring In The Family

We were so inspired by the last meaningful gift idea, the Personalized Handwritten Anniversary Love Letter Blanket, we decided to tell you something similar, yet cheaper. If you have any children, pull out the notebook paper, or better yet, construction paper, and have them draw cute pictures of you, your loved one, and/or the family.

If your children are old enough, they could write a meaningful message to you and your loved one about your anniversary. Then you can either fold them up, place them in an envelope, or even hang them on the fridge, and surprise your loved one on the day of your anniversary.

Nothing is more meaningful than family, and showing your loved one that your family cares about your relationship, can be maybe the most meaningful anniversary gift yet.

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