Official's 2023 Year In Love: Gen Z Couple Trends

Seth Canner
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Official debuts its “Year in Love” – a look at last year’s relationship trends across its user base and the way Official and Gen Z couples* are connecting in the year ahead. 

With prioritizing the self to strengthen the whole a common theme amongst our findings, we get down to business uncovering the leanings Official’s couple data reveals, working to pin the underlinings and exclamations that make Gen Z coupledom specifically Gen Z. 

Built for the generation that grew-up mobile first, that knew how to use a phone before they could write a love note, the “Year in Love” is Official’s love note to its user base. A h/t that includes the Top 5 Moods set by users, the Top 5 Kink and Dates matched on by Official couples, and other swipe data.

Connection, NSFW, POV: Gen Z, and Trending are this year’s headliners. Each presents their own, uniquely Official discoveries, including answers to the top non-negotiable on a date night, how couples “launched” their relationships, and how soon into a relationship new partners start getting the tea. 

Official confirms that “we’re in our connection era,” with +65,000,000 Intimacy Cards swiped in 2023 and +15,000,000 Date matches to accompany them. Reinforced by the truth behind digital displays of affection, one thing is certain: Apps as companions to relationships are here to stay.

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* Based on internal Official engagement data from 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2023 and research survey conducted by Official between 22 Jan - 24 Jan 2024 with a sample of 4,059 Official members.

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