App Update: Check-In Revamp

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Meet the new and improved Daily Check-In

After months of gathering feedback, consulting with psychologists, designing screens, and testing flows, the Daily Check-In update is available to all iOS and Android users. The update includes a full redesign of the feature, new questions to answer, a space to share words of affirmation, and a Check-In Journal to review past entries.

The updated Daily Check-In for Couples on the Official App.

What did you do today?

The original version of the Check-In asked only two questions: "How are you doing today?" and "How do you think your partner is doing today?" Now, users are also prompted to answer what activities they did on that given day. When a user shares their activities, their partner gets a better glimpse into their day and Official can track which activities are associated with a positive feeling day versus a negative feeling day.

Couples can select which activities they did each day while completing the Daily Check-In. Users can see which activities are associated with good days or bad over the course of time.

Exchange daily words of affirmation

Users can share whether they feel they spent quality time with their partner on a given day, and they are able to answer quick journal prompts to share words of affirmation with their partner. The journal prompts remain the same Monday-Saturday, but on Sunday users are prompted to reflect on their entire week rather than just the day. This intention of this weekly-reflect is to push users to share more with their partner and start their week fresh.

Couples can share words of affirmation with each other each day when completing their Daily Check-In.

Visualize your communication

Couples can return to their Check-In Journal at anytime to visualize the frequency of their Check-Ins, review previous entries, and reply to their partner's words of affirmation via messenger. From the Check-In Journal, users can also see their current Daily Check-In streak and review the count of their highest streak.

View your Check-In history.
Access the updated Daily Check-In for couples via the Check-In tile on the Couple Profile on the Official App.

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