You're Official... Now What?

Cheryl Montgomery
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At the beginning of a relationship, the prospect of love is exhilarating and you cannot keep your hands off each other. There is so much to know about your partner, and you immediately want to become an expert in everything about them. Your deep fondness for each other grows and complacency eventually follows. Many wonder how to keep (or rekindle) the sparks of infatuation while building upon the foundation of love. Whether you have been dating for a few months or married for decades, Official is here to help with a digitized platform to help prioritize your relationship. This is not another dating app, but an app built to strengthen established connections.

Never Stop Dating

With work, family, and other responsibilities, it may be hard to find time to plan and execute a romantic date. Or maybe you are stuck in the endless, “what should we do?” rut. With Official, you can swipe through carefully curated date ideas targeted toward your interests. Not only will you find perfect date ideas you and your partner will enjoy, but you’ll earn points every step of the way. As you date, you can redeem points toward discounts on future dates, so the dates never stop!

Take Time Daily

When was the last time you checked in with your partner?  With Official’s daily check-in feature, you can make it a habit to prompt discussions beyond your daily responsibilities. Set aside this time to help you stay connected as a couple. Plus, if you have children, you can text your partner from across the room, and your children won’t think to interrupt your conversation.

Safe Space

Communication and emotional transparency are keys to every successful relationship. Official provides a safe space to express your deepest thoughts with each other from, post-argument apologies to the heartfelt declarations that follow. Expressing your thoughts in writing can make it easier to open up to your partner and ensure clarity in your message. Official can make even the most difficult conversations seem effortless.  

Little Things Matter

Within the upcoming year, Official will introduce gift cards to send your love their favorite cup of coffee during the midday slump or lunch while they are working hard to meet that upcoming deadline. Also, with the shared calendar feature you can remember the little things, even the dog’s birthday!  Never underestimate the small gestures - they’ll mean the world to your partner.

Appreciate Always, Compliment Often

Send a quick note thanking them for washing the dishes or for the amazing date you had the night before. Let your partner know you are thinking of them during the day. Remind them how handsome/beautiful they are in your eyes. These quick affirmations are sure to strengthen your partnership and maybe even cause some blushing.

Learn Together

With Official dates in your area, you can dine on a new cuisine, experience different locations, and maybe even learn a new skill together.  Being spontaneous and embarking on adventures together will trigger the production of dopamine and norepinephrine, which are responsible for the feelings of pleasure and excitement, bringing back those same feelings of lust and infatuation that you had when you first met.

Look How Far You Have Come

With the Official app, you and your partner can keep track of important milestones and view a timeline of your relationship. Reminisce over special notes from the past. Smile while viewing photos of old dates while planning new ones.  When you see how far you have come, you recognize how far you can go…

Out of the billions of people in the world, chance brought you two together. That is pretty remarkable! So why not do fate a favor, and get Official? Whether you are going out, checking

in or remembering the little things, you are strengthening your relationship and earning points to spend even more time together creating memories.

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