About Us

With all of the dating apps at users’ fingertips, finding someone
has never been easier - but keeping that love alive?
That’s where the real challenge presents itself.

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Dating apps are designed to be Deleted

The Official App is designed to be Kept

The Best Features For Your Relationship

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Experience Together

We want to help you and your partner have more fun by trying new things together.

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Remember Together

From the small stuff to the big picture, we want to help you remember it all.

Feel Together

Find the right ways to establish healthy habits in your relationship.

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Our Values

We aspire to be in a relationship with our users and grow with them. Like with any relationship, honesty, communication, and trying new things together is essential for success.



We can’t always be perfect, but we can promise to always be upfront and own up to any and all of our mistakes with our users.



Talking with our users and understanding their needs is essential to our understanding of how we can be the best app for relationships.



We are constantly learning and thinking of new ways to help relationships. We plan to continue on this journey.

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