Why Couples Argue About Money

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When it comes to money, let's face it, most couples fight. It happens.

Money is a very delicate subject, but we here at Official want you to know the reasons why couples might fight about money and how you can fix the problem

One reason why couples fight over money is because of different life goals.

One might want to save for that brand-new house, while the other might choose to splurge on every new gaming system that comes out.

As you might have guessed, the one in the relationship that's looking to save for a house might get angry at their partner if they're blowing all their dough on video games.

When one thinks of the ultimate betrayal in a relationship, one normally thinks of infidelity.

What if I told you about a form of infidelity that wasn't related to sexual actions, yet it involved the topic of this blog… that's right, I'm talking about financial infidelity.

For those who are confused, financial infidelity is a form of “Why Couples Argue About Money”, in the way of hidden or secret bank accounts. This can also go for an extra credit card or two that this loved one doesn't know about.

If you found out that your partner has a secret account or credit card that they use to buy all the nice things they want, wouldn't you be a little upset, especially if you're the one saving for the future?

For many people, it isn't just about being greedy because they can't help but spend money. Many times, differences between spending habits with couples is a cultural upbringing.

Let me explain. One partner might have grown up in a wealthy household. This person has always gotten what they wanted and when they wanted it. They don't know any limits.

The second partner might have grown up in a less wealthy family, where their parents may have even struggled to get food on the table every night. Because of this upbringing, this partner might want to save every penny they get.

Can you see why they may run into conflict when it comes to finances?

As you might have guessed, fighting with your partner over money can have some negative side effects. This includes:

  • Poor Health
  • A lack of trust
  • Divorce or breakup

If you're surprised to see poor health is associated with fighting over money with your partner, don't be. Studies have shown that couples who fight over money have higher blood pressures, back and muscle pain, mental health problems, and more.

Now, you're probably wondering, “how can I stop fighting with my partner over our money problems?”

If this is a question you've asked (or thought about), we here at Official want to give you some sure-fire tips that can help ease you and your partner's minds, and help you overcome your money problems.

7 Tips for Managing Finances in a Relationship

1. Share a joint bank account

If you're a married couple, sharing a joint bank account can be helpful because it shows trusts.

If you're willing to share your money with your loved one, then the trust factor in your relationship must be strong.

2. Set up a budget

If you set up a budget and follow it, your money problems will disappear… but make sure to set aside funds for date night or swipe through free date ideas on Official.

3. Avoid attacking your partner over exaggerations

If your partner purchases something they wanted but didn't need, you shouldn't make it a bigger deal than it really is. This is especially true if the item isn't expensive or if it falls into your partner's budget.

4. Appreciate your differences

Everyone is different. You and your partner had different upbringings, including how your family spent money.

It's important to communicate these differences and experiences you may have with money spending.

This can help you understand your partner in this area much better. With understanding, comes the ability to accept.

5. Take on your debt together

If you and your partner are in debt, it can be scary. But the way you can tackle this debt and get it to disappear is by working together as a couple.

Once again, if you and your partner set a budget, including money to put in to erase the debt, good things can happen.

Communicate is a recurring word here in this blog, but if you want to stop fighting with your partner over money, communication is key.

6. Have a magic number

Yes, you and your partner should have a magic number of what you can spend.

What I mean by this is, whatever magic number you choose, you and your partner can spend it without having to let the other know. Once you get past that number, then you can track your partner.

7. Keep the end-goal in mind

Remember, the end goal is to stop fighting over money problems with your partner.

Focus on fixing your money issues by using a budget, communicating with your partner, and once a healthy spending habit is established, the fighting will stop.

Stay strong, stay focused on the goal, and strengthen your relationship with these Official tips.

These tips can take time to master, like for example, avoiding the urge to attack your partner over a certain purchase they may have made can be tough.

But if you want your relationship to become healthy, financially, and in every other way possible, don't be so quick to jump down their throat…

If something bothers you, discuss it with your partner, nice and easy, then you can make progress in fixing the problem.

So, go on, resist buying that brand-new dress, or that punching bag you know you have no place to hang it in your tiny apartment. Set up that budget, talk your problems over with your partner, and watch your money grow.

Then you'll be on your way to becoming Official.

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